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Below is a list of Lanco Original Philips and Photonis PMT sockets.† If you need a socket you donít see listed, please call us for a price and availability.

Text Box: FE-3113. 13 pin glass foot for use with wires.  
Text Box: 13mm PMT Sockets

Lanco PMT Socket Product Offerings

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LancoText Box: FE1004 (for Wires), FE3112 (for PBC), FE3112/w (for wires) Text Box: 19mm PMT Sockets
FE-1004 Text Box: FE 3214/PC (used for PCB)
FE 3214/W (for wires).  14-pin glass foot
Text Box: 25mm PMT Sockets
FE3214PC Text Box: FE 2263B -14 pin glass foot for use in high
	      temperature applications.   
Text Box: 25mm High Temperature PMT Sockets
FE2263B Text Box: FE 1114 (for wires)
FE 3114 (PCB and wires)
FE 3114/01 (PCB)
FE 3114/W (wires) - 14 pin glass foot
Text Box: 29mm PMT Sockets
FE1114 Text Box: FE 1115 (wires and PCB) 

FE 1112 (PCB)

FE 1112/W (wires).  For glass foot tubes, 14 pin

FE 1012  (wires or pcb),  for tubes with a 
               plastic base JEDEC B12-43.
Text Box: 39mm PMT Sockets

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FE3112FE3112W FE3214W FE3114 FE3114-01 FE3114W  FE-1112 FE1112  FE-1112/W FE1112W FE1012Text Box: FE 1014 (wires and PCB) for plastic base 
              JEDEC B14-38.
FE 1120 (wires and PCB) for fast/very fast
             tubes w/plastic base JEDEC B20-102

FE 2019 (wires and PCB), 19 pin glass foot

FE 2021 (wires and PCB), 21 pin glass foot

FE 2144A, 21 pin glass foot

FE2145A, 21 pin glass foot
Text Box: 51 mm  and larger PMT Sockets
 FE-1014 FE1014FE-1120Text Box: FE-2019
FE2021FE2144A FE2145A